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Additional Services - Internet

Additional services are provided as a supplement to the main services of tariff plans. Additional services can be added by paying prescribed one-time or monthly fee. The availability or inclusion of a specific additional service in a certain tariff plan is determined by the terms and conditions of that tariff plan. If an additional service is included in a tariff plan the fee for provision of that additional service is not being charged for that tariff plan.


Promised Payment

All the physical or legal entity Subscribers of CJSC "GNC-ALFA", whose services are provided by a post-paid system and GPON technology, can use the "Promised Payment" service. A Subscriber whose services have been suspended due to overdue debts may activate the "Promised Payment" service by himself. When the "Promised Payment" service is activated, all deactivated services provided to the Subscriber, become active within 48 (forty-eight) hours from the moment of the activation of the "Promised Payment" service. If the overdue debts are not fully paid within these 48 (forty-eight) hours, the services are suspended again. The "Promised Payment" service can only be activated 1 (one) time after each suspension of the service due to overdue debt, and if the service suspension period has not exceeded 120 (one hundred and twenty) hours. This means that if the Subscriber activated the "Promised Payment" service, he will be able to use this service again only if the services provided to him/her are again deactivated due to a new overdue debt. The "Promised Payment" service is only available for the Subscribers of the Internet service of CJSC "GNC-ALFA", or for the Subscribers of those package services in which the Internet service is a component service.

Additional Speed

Terms and conditions for Additional Speed service provision.


KASPERSKY and ESET NOD32 Antivirus Software

Thanks to Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Internet Security и ESET NOD32 SMART SECURITY, Windows and Mac OS-based computers as well as smartphones and tablets with Android OS will be protected, from well-known and unknown malicious programs (Virus, Worms, Trojan, Spyware, Adware, Keylogger, Botnet, Rootkit, etc.). The software will provide a secure and reliable environment for the Internet, without the hindrance or slowdown of the normal work of the computer. In case of online banking transactions or online payments, cash loss will be prevented, as a result of prevention of personal data leakage (Login, Passwords, bank card data), access of unauthorized entities to the webcams will be blocked; the device will be protected while using a public WiFi network. Children will be safer, as a result of blocking sites with unwanted content (including weapons, alcohol, drugs and other inappropriate content) as well as limiting computer usage. Due to specific features of the software, in case of a loss of smartphones and tablets, it will be easy to detect the device, marking it on the map.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus. 2017 2-Desktop 1 year Renewal Retail Pack 9 700 AMD
Kaspersky Anti-Virus. 2017 2-Desktop 1 year Base Retail Pack 11 700 AMD
Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 - Multi-Device. 2-Device 1 year Renewal Retail Pack 12 000 AMD
Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 - Multi-Device. 2-Device 1 year Base Retail Pack 14 700 AMD
ESET NOD32 Smart Security 23 700 AMD



The number of Internet users continues to grow steadily, and Internet security is a primary issue for both children and adults. You and your children can come across a variety of problems on the web;

  • malicious users (spams, cyber attacks, etc.);
  • websites with unwanted, and offensive content;
  • software problems, dangerous programs, computer viruses

Rostelecom presents Kaspersky Safe Kids to protect your children from all these unwanted phenomena, thanks to which the Internet becomes only a means of acquiring new knowledge, without undesirable and dangerous content. The Kaspersky Safe Kids program gives you a number of benefits,

  1. Protects children from network threats for Windows, Mac computers, and iPhone, iPad and Android.
  2. Informs where your child is, so that you are calm even in his/her absence.
  3. It prohibits children from looking for undesirable and dangerous content, software, or websites.
  4. Provides a detailed report on Facebook social website usage by the child. So you will immediately notice the child's suspicious behavior.
  5. Allows you to define a clear limit for the period for a child to use a computer, phones, and/or other portable devices.


Kaspersky Safe Kids. 1-User 1 year Base Retail Pack 5900 AMD


Create a safe, secure online environment for your kids with Kaspersky Safe Kids.


The prices are presented in AMD, including VAT. The validity period of the licenses is 1 year.