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ТНТ International, Пятница, TNT4, ТВ-3 are Back


Good news for our subscribers!
From September 1, the TV channels THT International (ch 102), Пятница (ch 105), TNT4 (ch 123) and TV-3 (ch 419) will again be available in our network.

The TNT International channel is available to subscribers of Trio, Start OTT and Corp Alpha, Beta, Gamma.
The Пятница channel is available for subscribers of Trio Start, Trio Comfort, Trio Premium.
TNT4 channel is available for Trio Premium subscribers.
TV-3 channel is available for Trio Comfort and Trio Premium subscribers.

The monthly fees for TV channels are:

TV-3 - 190 AMD/month
TNT International - 90 AMD/month
Friday - 150 AMD/month
TNT4 - 190 AMD/month

Channels also have Catch-Up function.
We wish you a pleasant viewing!