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TV Advantages

Rostelecom offers completely new service of Smart IP TV , subscribing which your TV will become SMART!


How to use Smart IPTV


Multiroom - every room of your house can become Cinema with Multiroom function.

NPVR – Record and save your favorite programs with cloud technologies. 

SVOD – Subscribe to movie packages and watch movies with affordable prices.

TVOD (Catch-Up) - Rostelecom gives its customers opportunity to watch previous TV Programs and films.

EPG – Electronic Program list 

You will get the following additional opportunities  with Rostelecom’s Smart IP TV

YouTube – Enjoy the whole content of Youtube just in your TV screen

Rutube for kids  the best and beloved cartoons  for your children

Radio – superb digital broadcasting from different local and foreign radio stations

News – Be in the center of worldwide media

Weather forecast  detailed meteorological information about current and upcoming weather conditions



Hence, Smart IP TV will provide you enjoyable pastime of TV watching.

Rostelecom has developed and designed Duo and Trio packages with advantageous conditions and benefits of Smart IP TV.


Be the first to enjoy the opportunities of new television! Make your TV smart!


Rostelecom – smart opportunities !


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