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Corporate fixed telephony services.


For fixed telephony

 Corporate ICorporate IICorporate IIICorporate IV*
Fixed line activation** 0 dram 0 dram 0 dram 0 dram
Monthly subscription fee per phone line 300 dram 500 dram 2000 dram 2000 dram
Free minutes for calls to local fixed networks 0 min. 100 min. 500 min. 500 min.*



Per minute tariffs dram/min. dram/min. dram/min. dram/min.
Calls to local fixed networks (010, 011, 060, 012) 5 4,5 4 4
Within the tariff plan*** 0 0 0 0
Calls to RA mobile networks 19 19 19 19
Calls to NKR mobile networks 35 35 35 35
Calls to RA landlines 5 4,5 4 4
Calls to NKR landlines 18 18 18 18


Prices for international telephony service


All prices are listed in AMD including VAT.

Tariff plans are provided to legal entities.

*A subscription to 10 and more telephone numbers, will allow an organization to join Corporate IV tariff plan. With Corporate IV, you can unify individually provided free minutes into one pool.

** Based on the number of telephone lines, location and other technical requirements, equipment cost required for installation will be calculated on special terms.

*** The closed group includes telephone numbers provided by Rostelecom.

The monthly payment begins on a next day after the activation.

Monthly payment for the fixed telephone service is calculated on a daily basis.

Monthly payment for the fixed telephone service is based on a postpaid system.

All offered telephone numbers are free of charge.