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What are your advantages?

We provide ultra-fast, symmetric and stable connection services available to everyone without compulsory annual contracts.


Are you available at our territory?

To check the availability at your territory click here.


What type of connections are provided to customers?

We provide only fiber-optic connection services. Fiber-optic internet provides unlimited ultra-fast availability with minimal speed fluctuations, independent of weather conditions.


Can I use wireless internet with the help of your connection?

Yes. You may request an installation of devices with internal WiFi module or you can connect any router to your device yourself. For more information click here.


Do I have to pay for the connection of your services?

No. Our services are connected absolutely free of charge.


Will your technicians connect my computer to the internet?

Yes. Your internet connection willbe activated within 24 hours after the installation.


How many days will it take to connect to your services?

If we are available at your territory, the connection will be made during 10 days after the submission of your application.


Can I change an already chosen tariff plan?

Yes. For that purpose approach to any sales and service center of Rostelecom and fill in the corresponding application.

How long will it take to change the tariff plan after filling the application?

The switch to a new tariff plan is made within 1 working day.


Do I need to configure the devices to connect to the internet?

No. Our devices are already configured and ready for usage.


When I should make the payment for the services?

The payments need to be made until the 15th of each month for the services provided in the previous month.


Where can I make the payment for your services?

To view the available payment options for Rostelecom services click here.


I want to be employed by you.

To find about our vacancies click here.



Couldn’t you find the answer to your question?

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